Credit score ranges: excellent, good, fair, poor

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Fair credit, in the 630-689 range, gives you more options, but you’ll likely pay higher interest and will have a limited choice of credit cards. Good credit, in the 690-719 range, can give you.

Excellent credit score = 740 – 850: Anything in the mid 700’s and higher is considered excellent credit and will be greeted by easy credit approvals and the very best interest rates. Consumers with excellent credit scores have a delinquency rate of approximately 2%.

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 · Credit score ranges: excellent, good, fair, poor 820 credit score: How much cheaper are loans with great credit? The effect of a 680 FICO score on your mortgage

Now that you know what good FICO Scores are and how they’re calculated, it’s time to find out if your scores fall within the good credit score range, bad credit score range or somewhere in between. What’s a good credit score range? For now, we’re going to focus on FICO Scores because these are the scores used by 90% of top lenders.

Knowing what your credit score is, and what range it falls under, is important so you can decide what loans you can to apply for, and. Within the credit score range are different categories, ranging from bad to excellent.. Fair Credit: 630- 689.

If you say your credit is about average and you mean that it’s “fair,” rather than good, very good, or excellent. range. That’s because FICO® Scores are divided up into five different tiers: A.

Having a good or a bad credit score can essentially set the tone for. Overall, credit scores can range from a high of 850 to a low of 300.. 750 or higher – Excellent; 700 to 749 – Good; 650 to 699 – Fair; 600 to 649 – Poor.

 · For me, I’m somewhere in the "Fair" range of scoring, and I know it does me no good at all to apply for a card that would recommend "Good" and certainly not "Excellent", as it would only result in a hard inq + a drop in scores. The moral of the story.

If you recently got a peek at one of your credit scores, and you’re simply wondering whether it’s a good one or not, here’s a quick look at what’s considered an excellent, good, fair, and poor credit score, according to consumer credit expert John Ulzheimer:

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